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Diaconia is a Brazilian, non-profit, Christian-inspired social organisation committed to promoting justice and social development. We are present in North-eastern urban and rural communities, situated in the region most affected by social inequalities in Brazil, with almost ten million people living in extreme poverty. Our commitment is to the service of transforming lives, through the empowerment of men, women, and youth from agricultural families; and through the mobilisation of social groups, churches and communities for the accomplishment of human rights.

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Food, Nutrition & Water Security

Promoting food, nutrition and water security is to ensure a basic civil right of the population: viz, access to quality water and food in sufficient quantity. Through participatory constructions, we have developed practices and technologies adapted to the reality of semiarid conditions, which promote local, sustainable development; and we are working for the effective implementation of public policies aimed at strengthening production, commercialisation and conscious consumerism with regard to agroecological based foodstuffs.

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Environment and Climate

One of the focuses of Diaconia is working to ensure that brushland families coexist in a balanced way with the environment and contribute to the conservation of the natural resources available in the region, based on the knowledge they themselves have inherited and possess. This learning includes adapting to the effects caused by the changes in the climate, by encouraging the use of renewable energies and the adequate management of solid waste, as well as striving for the implementation of effective public policies.

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Gender Justice

The reality of violence and unequal rights endured by women is still a challenge in public spaces, including churches. We encourage church leaders and members to broaden this debate, especially in the sphere of Christian homes, and also to participate in organisations, networks and forums to demand public policies of justice, gender equality and the overcoming of violence, in order to build a more just society for women and men.

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Youth Rights

Youth is characterised by challenges, but also by great tenacity and a thirst for social transformation. Diaconia believes in and supports youth groups in the knowledge of their rights and in the development of their potentialities through sports, communications, culture, youth organisation and social intervention. We acknowledge the role of young people as agents in the transformation of their communities - and of the world!

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